For sure Greg!
But let us call for convo instead of interview as a communication then flow better and both of us could get out more from that even outside an academic audience.
I'm glad you enjoyed the pieces I was sending you and you should find in the opening of the three works: "Time", 1966, "Monument" 1967, and the "Space in the Brain" 1969 have the few seconds at the beginning refering to the very same symbols; Time and Space.
The 3 different works I would like to shorten and make to One as it actually is the same story, said in different time.
To have this kinda visual electronic animation b/w calligraphy broadcast/televised for the sake of a documentation at this point in time one was almost forced to apply, and add audio, a sound track. In doing that it also dragged the works in wrong direction and delayed the attention of the invention.
For example: "Time" 1966 was described to be a "Jazz film", (unfortunately), by the media, and in the first place, it was not a "film".
As video tape did not existed at the time (in Sweden anyhow) it was a necessity to transfer the work to another media, in this case a celluloid material, 16mm filmstrip to store it.
I'm turning 75 the 19 of July and of course it would be great to reveal my big plans I had at this time, and still have today to do something about this unfinished business making a huge scale static exhibitions of the still timeless, PAINTINGS. Not just illustrate my plan doing it on the Internet in form of web pages. I think it deserves that to be presented as it was intended to be.
If that is not going to happen, my original dreams will never come through. (Unless the CIA finance it today as they did for the pop-art in mid 60's.) Then I could even accept a US citizen ship...hee heeh, on top of my two others.
I know it would be a successful and great monumental exhibition/display, for the even equally greater and monumentally larger museums in US, Sweden and Australia.
Hope to here from you again soon.
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Dear Ture,

Nice to hear from you! Thanks so much for sending this along. Looks and sounds great. I'm planning on writing a bit more about this piece in the near future. Would you be available for an interview?

Hope all is well, and all best,


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On Jul 6, 2012, at 10:15 PM, Ture Sjolander 2012 wrote:

Hey Greg,
Here is the TV Space Opera "Space in the Brain" for the very first time, out on line,  since 1969 !
You wanna use the link?

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